On The Line: Nilo Tabrizy Discusses the Business of Weed

On The Line: Nilo Tabrizy Discusses the Business of Weed

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VICE News correspondent Nilo Tabrizy (https://twitter.com/ntabrizy) joined ‘On The Line’ to discuss the rapidly expanding legal marijuana industry.

Marijuana is America’s fastest growing industry. Last year, the legal market was valued at 2.7 billion dollars. But, marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, which has led to conflicting state laws, restrictive regulations, and endless problems for cash-only marijuana business owners and operators. Nilo Tabrizy traveled to Colorado and Canada for VICE News to explore the promises and perils of the bud business.

Watch “The Grass is Greener” – bit.ly/1ClaRLb

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On The Line: Nilo Tabrizy Discusses the Business of Weed

14 thoughts on “On The Line: Nilo Tabrizy Discusses the Business of Weed

  1. Great segment, thanks for doing these videos on marijuana! I feel it is really opening up peoples eyes to a bright future.

  2. Wow. Who would've thought that weed would become such a multi- million dollar business, with hundreds of different "brands". Back in my college days, I took a crappy "temp" job delivering telephone books. One of the places on my route was a beer warehouse. It was an incredible place, a huge warehouse, with these high ceilings, with cases and cases of every kind of beer you can imagine stacked up on huge racks probably twenty or thirty feet tall. I had to give the phonebooks directly to the warehouse supervisor, so while I waited, one of the warehouse workers took me for a little walkaround of the facility. He told me something that was profound-  he said "Y'know, when you get right down to it, it's all just BEER! It's all packaged in different colored cans, but basically, it's all just the same old beer!  I quit smoking weed years ago. It just makes me paranoid and antisocial, and I can't drive worth a damn when I'm stoned. As far as I'm concerned, the "all just beer" analogy applies to weed as well. I mean, what's the diff? It all is just gonna get you stoned in approximately the exact same way, so WTF is all this "branding" about?

  3. i just love this girl, she has everything: oriental appearance, she`s commited to her interesting topic and can truly answer every question, what a lovely reporter

  4. I have to say, generally I don't find this series very informative, however this one was very informative. The other ones tend to be a little repetitive to me.

  5. We should abandon money and start using drugs/plants/medecine as money. Thats probably how we traded back in the "good old days" before all laws and melting of metals.

  6. End the war on Drugs.  I don't advocate people using drugs, however, I see that the Canadian Government is spending billions of dollars fighting something they can't stop.  The problem is morality.  People are always going to use and abuse substances, you don't fix this with laws that cost everyone a fortune.  That money is needed for better services in Canada.   #weareliberty   #moen2015

  7. Once California legalizes next year, the rest of the states will fall in line or look draconian and lose out financially on millions in tax revenue. The "war on drugs" hasn't stopped drug use, costs billions of dollars to tax payers, empowered cartels and gangs, and ruined countless lives, at some point we have to evolve and do what's moral and intelligent, which is to legalize and regulate.

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