Weed Documentary (2016) – High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School

Weed Documentary (2016) - High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School
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Weed documentary 2016 – This marijuana documentary shows an inside look a high school weed culture. Marijuana use at this school in Portland Oregon is very high, pun intended. Smoking pot has become almost a norm at this high school, while Mooks, Dabs, and other drugs are becoming a real problem. The documentary shows how smoking weed can lead to problems for many young people and also tries to show the disconnect between students and teachers on the subject of drugs. The documentary is not trying to make a statement about marijuana or drugs in general; this is not anti-drug propaganda. The documentary is however intended to bring to light a growing problem and open a more in-depth discussion.

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When I first started making this documentary film, I was smoking a lot of weed. I had always believed that marijuana was completely different from other drugs and would never be a huge problem for society. However, the more I investigated this topic, the more I began to realize that weed wasn’t all good. I was surprised upon returning to my old high school to find that xanax and other pills were becoming pretty popular. What’s more, no parents or teachers or anyone at the school had any idea that there was an issue. It was just a bunch of kids experimenting with something that many saw as not a “hard drug”. I don’t blame marijuana for causing a small xanax epidemic at this school, that would be absurd. But what I can tell you is that only one year ago, virtually no one did xanax and marijuana was the drug of choice. In 2015 a very high percentage of my class smoked weed, and smoked weed regularly. It seems like pot is still the drug of choice at this high school but it seems like things have just gotten so much worse in the last year. Also the whole “mooking” thing is pretty out of hand as well. I know it’s just weed and tobacco, but I guess when you hit it out of a huge bong several times a day it has some gnarly consequences. I know that in the last year Oregon has legalized marijuana and in the same year the drug problem has gotten worse at this school, but I really don’t know if you can connect the two. Kids were smoking just as much weed before legalization. Maybe it has something to do with the “it’s not cool anymore” affect as stated by lil droosie. I have always supported marijuana legalization. I think people should have the freedom to use cannabis for recreation. However, after making this documentary I feel less sure about legalization than ever. I know that legalizing could help with our prison overcrowding, cut power away from drug cartels, and is just generally the right thing to do. But it really does seem like it may lead to an inevitable increase in underage use. I don’t know and neither does anyone else. Since making this documentary I have started smoking a lot less weed myself and have noticed positive affects. Maybe I’m just getting old and more conservative , and less fun haha. Just know that before you comment that is documentary is anti-drugs or anti-weed, it has made by a liberal 19 year old weed-user who didn’t think weed was bad before he started investigating.

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Filmed and Edited by Ben Grayzel
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Art by Molly Hamilton https://standbyforstories.wordpress.com/

Weed Documentary (2016) – High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School

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  1. So they can't hang like u gas but fail like gtfo outta here these the dumbasses that making it look bad

  2. And most joints have baccy in them, bong hits I've hit with a tiny bit of baccy before but usually none and pure baccy bong hit kills your throat

  3. A mook ain't hardcore at all, it don't kill your throat unlike pure baccy bong rips and putting baccy in a joint is how everyone smokes a joint in the UK, except a few people I know

  4. They acting like mixing weed and baccy creates a dangerous high when really it doesn't it's the same as smoking a fag and a purie, and a dab is risky and dangerous, no it ain't it's safe it ain't like this much thc can kill you, come on people getting siezures from weed when it's been known to treat dem come on

  5. I've aced exams stoned and got good grades, but then again I did crap on only one stoned but either way I woulda done crap on that

  6. They chatting like weeds seriously addictive and only depressed kids smoke it to solve they problems and get addicted and do other drugs and od

  7. This is so negative lmao.. In my high school everyone who smokes is nice and chill, goes to class or shows up late because they were smoking. And when we smoke we go off school property. Weed isnt bad lmao

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