Coffee & Weed – Ep.4 – Is Growing Weed Legal?

Coffee & Weed – Ep.4 – Is Growing Weed Legal?

Outdoor growing
Coffee & Weed - Ep.4 - Is Growing Weed Legal?

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  1. I'd love to hear more about building humus layer. Fascinating stuff. I'm in 15 gallon fabric containers.

  2. Love your guys stuff!! Keeping it about the people, that’s how you build the network!!! Thank you guys soo much !!!

  3. Under Prop 215, medical patients and caregivers will still be entitled to grow however much is required for their personal medical needs under state law; however the courts have ruled that local ordinances can override state law. Non-medical growers are limited to six plants per residence by AUMA and locals cannot ban 6-plant gardens; however they can "reasonably regulate" them, including driving them indoors.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that the city ordinance supersedes the state law if that City indicates growing Outdoors is he legal …?

  5. Goodmorning lol it’s actually Sunday now but still watched this in the morning
    Wish I was waking and baking but I’m dryer then dry 🤣

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