Why You NEED To Stop Smoking Weed (Especially If You're 18-25)

Why You NEED To Stop Smoking Weed (Especially If You're 18-25)

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Why You NEED To Stop Smoking Weed (Especially If You're 18-25)

14 thoughts on “Why You NEED To Stop Smoking Weed (Especially If You're 18-25)

  1. To the guys who don't like the video, and who left angry comments, thank you for your engagement, page views, and shares, this video is going viral thanks to you and my daily subs are at record highs, I truly appreciate your help. With that said, if a random YouTube video is able to trigger you to the point of rage and using your valuable time to write angry comments, maybe consider that your state control and time management is not where it could be.

    Also, consider the idea that maybe you clicked on and watched the video because you knew it applied to you, even if subconsciously. And maybe, the reason you're angry is because the message hits close to home, and it's the same message you heard from your mom, and your teachers, and your ex girlfriends. And maybe they were right. And maybe you're in pain, and you use drugs to try and cope with that pain, but the drugs only make it worse, and you know it's a problem, but you can't face it, and so your response is denial, rage and shooting the messengers.

    If you want help with quitting, feel free to check out my article here https://revolutionarylifestyledesign.com/how-to-quit-anything/. If you want help with depression, state control, mindset and moving forward, feel free to check out the mind section of my website here: on moving forward, feel free to check out the mind section on my website revolutionarylifestyledesign.com/mind.

    To the guys who found this video useful, and have been able to use my experience and insight on the subject to level up. If I was able in any small way to help you beat a drug addiction, I'm really happy I was able to help, and I really appreciate all your comments and support.

    Either way you want to take it, this video like all my content, is just my advice and opinion, which you guys are free to take or leave.

  2. Hey men I really appreciate this video you are 100000% percent correct am 29 and am starting my journey sobre ,my motivation is my health and that i don’t wanna be a bumb

  3. Man I'm 25 and I hear you, no uni degree just working dead end full time jobs and smoking weed all the time. I feel like I've missed my shot at a good life and my life will be hard as shit from now on because of that. Ah man. Better stop now

  4. If you smoke weed in the morning, say goodbye to your productivity for the day. Weed should only be used at the end of the day when all responsibilities are finished. Too many people let weed become their happiness and it will leave you with nothing in the end if you do that.

  5. I'm 21, a few months ago I came out of an almost 10 year depression through the power of Jesus Christ. The last couple of months I've been getting energy back, but there was one thing that started nagging my mind: the bible tells us to be sober but I kept smoking weed. Today is my first weedless day in years, I know it will be hard because all of my friends smoke weed, no exceptions.

    The hallucinations are demonic, hallucinogens can take you to the spirit realm where Satan and his demons are.
    In my case after my depression I saw haunted faces in front of my minds eye. The demon that was manifested in me (depression) came back to try and make me susceptible to negative thoughts again. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus Christ.

  6. I take one-two hits a couple times a day to help with my anger issues, depression, and patience. I’ve been working on these issues with my parents, counselers, and myself in DEPTH since I was 6-7 years old. I workout 3-4 times a week, have a successful career, and a beautiful family. I carry a medical marijuana card and grow on my own for virtually free. I’m sure there is some negative side effects to it that I’m not aware of but when I sit here and reflect on it the positives in my situation FAR outweigh any negatives that I can think of and that you touch on. I’m sure marijuana effects people in different ways and can slow peoples ambitions but for me it hasn’t had any of these effects I hear about and that you touch on. I like to hear everyone’s opinions and the facts to back it up but for me marijuana has helped me to become a better version of myself. I don’t get “stoned” personally, I just take enough to relax my stressors. Maybe one day I’ll have my issues all figured out but after all the work I’ve put in and all the different methods I’ve tried this is one of the things that aids in my advancement.

  7. A lot of what you're saying is true, but i feel we must be careful not to trade one vice for another. Example weed for money(also a vice) It's best to strive for a life without any vices. Anyway thanks for the vid and all the best.

  8. I’m really struggling to stop weed. I feel like sober me and stoned me are completely different and I feel like it is holding me back. I rely on weed to eat which is the only thing that keeps me on it. I feel super depressed and reclusive and want this to stop. Any tips? (I quit bud once for 8 months but am struggling to do it again)

  9. I smoked weed daily/every few hours for about 10 years straight, and strictly dabs within the past year to be "cleaner." I quit 2 months ago and it was the best decision I've made, for many reasons. The final straw was when I had a blood test and was notified that my thyroid was functioning poorly, and my entire autoimmune system was starting to suffer. Well, it stayed there, and I had no idea what it was. Low thyroid function causes problems like anxiety, depression, hair loss, weight gain, inflammation, you name it, and I didn't want to be on a prescription medication for the rest of my life. I stopped weed for a month and everything returned to normal, and it was only after that I found studies linking low thyroid function among weed smokers to THC. I didn't even notice the damage I was doing myself until my doctor became involved. It's easy to miss the harm being done without an outside perspective, especially because the damage is done slowly overtime.

  10. So if I smoke in my room at like 10pm on a day when I don’t have work the next day and then go to sleep a couple hours later is that bad? I’m not smoking in the day. All my interactions with ppl I am completely sober minded. It’s jut between me, myself and I. Any opinions?

  11. Im smoking since 14 im 22 now my school is fucked in have no job and lazy asf it's hard to get back into society

  12. Thank you so much for your life lessons and for brining us into your shoes and your ieyes. 👍🏼

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