Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol

Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol
Drugs are bad, but the drug war is worse. It’s possible that legalizing marijuana could be a huge public-health win.

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Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol

12 thoughts on “Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol”

  1. The potheads at Vox don't really get it. Whether weed is good or not, is not really the question. Cause even if it's good, in most countries, no body smokes purely weed, contents of a cigarette are mixed with it to make a joint.
    cause marijuana is costly and tough to procure. Also most people who smoke only weed will eventually start smoking cigarettes, or at least experiment with them and we all know how bad smoking is. So basically this whole ' Legalize Weed ' Movement should be discouraged.

  2. The scumbags who made this drug test, rigged it so they could take all the alcohol and opiates/hard drugs they want which are all out of your system twenty times faster than marijuana but god forbid you smoke the smallest amount of marijuana the test keeps it in your system for 3 months, drug tests favor alcoholics and drug addicts and are extremely biased against marijuana, when will they change this obvious error???

  3. Could someone please link me some sources to the statistics in this video? Writing my senior year essay about marijuana's effect on society and it would be awesome to use these stats!

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