What does the Bible say about Marijuana / Weed / Cannabis / Pot? Is it okay?

What does the Bible say about Marijuana / Weed / Cannabis / Pot? Is it okay?
Marijuana is becoming more and more popular in our culture, and with its increased prominence and possible legalization, it’s something we get asked about quite a bit.

In this video, John Schoenheit gives a Biblical Perspective on how we should treat Marijuana and whether the Bible say it’s ok to use it.

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What does the Bible say about Marijuana / Weed / Cannabis / Pot? Is it okay?

16 thoughts on “What does the Bible say about Marijuana / Weed / Cannabis / Pot? Is it okay?”

  1. Marijuana is pharmakia used in ancient witch craft etc. Pharmakia is sorcery which is an activity of the flesh that only reaps destruction – Galatians 6:7-8

  2. I can tell you all for a FACT the "medical" marijuana industry is Satanic. I have worked in the industry for 4 years as a grower and I can say that we don't need marijuana for anything except maybe just for CBD which isn't psychotropic. But otherwise, its corrupt and they don't care for the patient what so ever. Money is all they want and I can tell you for sure they don't follow State protocols and most of the time there is powdery mildew/mold on the weed a lot of the time. So you think you have this natural medicine but its such a messed up industry where they don't use sterile protocol to ensure the weed is at medical grade. Every grow I worked at was just a run down warehouse with tons of roaches, gnats, white flies, spider mites. Its just all bad. Jesus is our true healer. I used pot for my back problems and all it did was amplify the pain and when Im not smoking, barely any pain. Smoking weed put a friend of mine in the mental hospital 12 days because Satan knew he was already dealing with mental health issues and that just opened the door to try to destroy him.

  3. Great video . Truth hurts but GOd wants the best for us . He is like a good father looking out for his children . Having alcohol , pills , weed and drugs for constant pleasure will open the door for the enemy . Don't get me wrong I've tried it all been there done that and Jesus is the only way to heal any issues we have .

  4. Having smoked it myself from 12 to 32 years old and finally get off it, I believe it is a sin. It is addictive, it changes your thoughts, it creates this false prideful state, you seek pot to cure all negative things instead of going to God.
    To eat it sure as an unaltered actual food plant. Hemp milk, etc.
    But He never said to smoke anything.
    Having made ever major of excuse to keep smoking, and then truly trying to walk while heartedly with God, because of He grace He has shown me it is a sin.
    Now being sober and seeing my " friends" who quickly turned on me when I quit and started following the Lord (supposed to be Christian) when I see them with each other or their kids, it becomes very clear how I behaved and how selfish and set in my own ways I was on weed.
    Now I work through pain, feelings in prayer and fellowship, instead of using anything else as a crutch.
    If put into a pill form or used as medicine for a legitimate severe illness maybe. But pot blocks your receptors in your mind causing havoc on your system by confusing the body on weather or not it is making enough hormones and brain chemicals. God made us fine sober. We need to learn to be fine with Him sober.
    Bottom line.
    Pot is a sin.
    It opens the door for evil spirit, principalities, and authorities.
    I pray the Lord convicts you all as He did me and my husband. God bless.

  5. Medical marijuana does not contain THC. It's not mind altering. I would take it if I needed it. I have back pain from bending over and squatting all the time as a preschool teacher. My area just opened up a massage center that uses cannabis oil and I'm considering it.

  6. Marijuana doesn't get you high unless you apply heat to it. As a food it is very good for you but not really tasty. Hemp seeds are very good for you though. This is absolutely right. Though I am a cigarette smoker and need to quite and used to smoke weed. I had two beers the other day at a restaurant but I was fully in my senses though (I stopped short of drunk I was slightly buzzed). So people stop smoking weed. Also by the way smoking anything is not good and no marijuana is NOT healthy. Though I'm not judging. Like I said I still smoke cigarettes because I get BAD WITHDRAWAL symptoms. Pray for me though to quit.

  7. Thank you Pastor, I needed to hear this and to educate me I need I can't stop people using it rather it is good or not! I am thankful |I don't use this Pot, but I rather love and pray for them and forgive. But each of us are  hold accountable in the Last Days for every word and action

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