What I Learned About Marijuana in Colorado

What I Learned About Marijuana in Colorado
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What I Learned About Marijuana in Colorado

9 thoughts on “What I Learned About Marijuana in Colorado”

  1. The Hemp oil is amazing! It cured my wifes arthritis overnight. I still buy on the black market though.

  2. 2 plants here in Ohio. I find the best and perhaps the biggest money making aspect is the cannabis oil but made in a more natural affordable way. It’s great for pain for energy, anxiety, the biggest side affect is smiling and eating it last maybe on average 8 hours

  3. Edibles done right can be great for many things to the body. I guarantee it has less side effects than the prescription drugs they give you. Dont be afraid of it. The mistake is the govt taxing it so high from the beginning. That will cause the outside market to stay in business. Govt greed makes them ignorant.

  4. People who take personal responsibility don't worry about drugs. If YOU want to kill yourself, take them…lol I myself try to make better choices in life.

  5. When you go on road trips you should drink juice and smoothies. Salads too instead of typical carb foods with a ton of sodium.

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