What is the Right Way to Eat Edibles Find Out!

What is the Right Way to Eat Edibles  Find Out!

Sugar and Shwa of “Giggle Therapeutics” teach us the proper way to get into edibles.

Sugar is the CEO and Co-Founder of Giggle Therapeutics and the friendliest cannabis activist in Northern California. Her husband, Shwa, has been a candy-maker and chef for 15+ years, has been a warrior in the Drug War far too long and loves to run his mouth, and that’s why Sugar keeps him in the kitchen. They create some of the most delicious edibles in California, made with gluten-free and organic ingredients with vegan and sugar-free options.

Sugar and Shwa, also known as The Giggles, met through roller derby in Northern California. Shwa noticed Sugar was sore and restless every night after practice, so he suggested that she try cannabis to help with easing injury pain and sleep. This worked perfectly for Sugar. But not wanting to smoke, and after multiple nights of eating chocolate, she wanted a savory and healthier option so they created Giggle Butter, and Eazy Cheezy became a nightly addition to meals.

Sugar has spent most of her life as an athlete. From gymnastics as a child, basketball as a teen, softball, and snowboarding in college, to rocking climbing and roller derby as an adult. She has been a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor for over five years. She also spent her twenties in educational outreach and event production, working for Boarding for Breast Cancer and as a snowboard photographer. Sugar is the Founder of the Sonoma County Chapter of Women Grow.

Shwa has always had a love for food, cooking and natural products. And of course, cannabis.

He was a candy-maker for thirteen years and ran the hand-crafted food cafe called Popolo’s, in San Luis Obispo. In the mid-nineties, he was a major activist in getting signatures for prop 215 which passed in 1996. Around that time, he became the first employee at the organic and fair-trade tea company, Guayaki Yerba Mate’. After four years of building the company and as a single father of a three-year-old daughter, Shwa moved from the Central Coast of California to Northern California and spent the next twelve years working for the up and coming organic and fair-trade apparel company, INDIGENOUS.

It was Shwa’s daughter and her love of roller derby that brought Shwa and Sugar together. In October of 2015 the two were married and after a car accident they both realized their love for the medicinal properties of cannabis and decided to make it a major focus of their future together. Shwa retired from the fashion industry and started working full time for his wife who had been spearheading Giggle Therapeutics on her own. And thus, The Giggles were formed.

What is the Right Way to Eat Edibles Find Out!