YEP: Canada’s House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

YEP: Canada's House Votes to Legalize Marijuana
–Canada’s House of Commons votes to legalize marijuana, sending the amended bill back to their Senate, with a different trajectory in the United States as Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to crack down on states that have legalized marijuana

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Broadcast on June 19, 2018

YEP: Canada’s House Votes to Legalize Marijuana

16 thoughts on “YEP: Canada’s House Votes to Legalize Marijuana”

  1. Too bad they are gunna end up boycotting shipping that nugget South… maybe they put a heavy tax on it for us Americans.

  2. More to that point than the drugs issue. This will free poeple to grow hemp ( a non ' funny cigarette' cousin of pot). This is ecological for making rope, fabric, paper, construction boards, etc, and it has a renewal cycle of one year compared to 35+ years for spruce. America has been discovered by boats with hemp sails. 🙂

  3. Canada was pushed by President Bush not legalise Marijuana. Some suggestion was made that USA and Canada could proceed concurrently. Obviously the Republicans had absolutely no desire move forwards and sought to prevent Canada. Either they did not want a contradictory example on America's doorstep or that legal Canadian weed would sidestep the US ban.
    Clearly American influence over Canada has waned.

  4. but … that will cut their corporate profits from their private prisons!!! …. Oh wait …

  5. Yes, we actually are light years ahead of the US on this. Our American friends are welcome to move here and enjoy – only if you support 3rd parties. If you are a Democrap or Trumptard – we'll just laugh at you 😉

  6. Well, supposedly the sole reason they were holding back on full legalisation of Cannibis was because the USA had asked them.
    Doesn't surprise me they took this chance to thumb their nose at Drumpf.

    You go Canada.
    Do you.

  7. Watched the house of commons question period, trudeaux said it's been pushed to October 17th as the date for official legalization ( possession/sales) if anyone was wondering 🙂

  8. Congratz to Canada. I wish it was legal in Turkey too. Unfortunately, speaking about a Marihuana here can land you in jail. Turkey has a long way to go. :/

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