7 Biggest Benefits of Quitting Smoking Weed

7 Biggest Benefits of Quitting Smoking Weed

Today’s video I want to discuss with you the 7 biggest benefits of quitting weed from my personal experience.

I was a very heavy smoker, at my worst I was smoking every hour without skipping a beat. So results may very from person to person. However if you’re a heavy smoker these are some benefits you’ll see.

1. More productivity. I always dreamed of uploading YouTube videos consistently and now I am. Chances are if you’re burning, you’re letting your projects sit on the back burner. Quitting will shift your focus to the projects you truly wish to accomplish.

2. More happiness. I used to suffer from cognitive dissonance. That’s where your daily actions don’t match with who you truly wish to be in your head. Most of us who are not doing the right things suffer from this. Now that I’m working on my projects this feeling is gone and it feels so good!

3. Whiter smile. It’s so important to have a smile you’re proud of because the more you smile the happier you are. It’s a proven fact. Having yellow teeth can cause insecurity and keep you from smiling which stunts your happiness. I feel my teeth are 5-7 shades whiter now just from quitting.

4. Better shape. Once I stopped smoking pot I started to lose weight and develop a mini 4-pack. When you quit your diet will change which will improve your shape. I also learned coughing causes you to swallow smoke which creates intestinal inflammation. Quitting actually made my gut disappear!

5. More sociable. The fact I’m happier, smiling more, and feeling more confident about my body has caused me to go out more! Instead of spending my weekends at home smoking, I’m out with friends actually enjoying my time now. It’s SO freeing!

6. More money. I used to spend 0 a week on herb. Never again. Now all that money is saved for better activities like my hobbies. No more mental herb poisoning me making me a lifeless zombie. Never going back to that my friends!

7. Smarter. Your brain will heal drastically and memory will improve. This is a huge reason to quit. Operating at 70% brain power vs. the full 100% is a huge reason to quit smoking and give it up.

There are so many benefits and throughout the timeline of your journey these benefits will grow and get better and better.

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7 Biggest Benefits of Quitting Smoking Weed