Joe Rogan takes stock on hemp/cannabis benefits and dismantles gateway drug argument.

Joe Rogan takes stock on hemp/cannabis benefits and dismantles gateway drug argument.
A great solution is hemp plastic.

It’s biodegradable and comes from this plant.

I mean. You can make hemp plastic.

And we can grow it.

And it’s an easy crop to grow.

Is that scalable?


Hemp is so weird.

It doesn’t even seem like it should be real.

I mean it really doesn’t.

It’s an insane plant.

I mean, you can make hempcrete out of it.

It’s far more resistant to flame there’s just so many positive benefits of it, in terms of insulation.

The insulation factor is better than wood or plywood.

It’s really lightweight, but incredibly strong.

Have you ever like grabbed a thick hemp stock?

Have you ever held onto one?


It doesn’t seem real.

It’s hard like this oak, but yet it’s light like balsa wood.

It’s so strange, it feels like it comes from another planet.

Hemp is an extraordinary plant.

It’s the most extraordinary plant we ever had.

First of all, it has all the essential amino acids.

You can make oil out of it that they used to use for heating lamps.

You can cook your food in it.

I mean there’s so many different things you could do with hemp.

You can make clothing.

You can make far more durable cloth.

Far more durable.

The paper is far superior.

In fact, the whole reason why William Randolph Hearst demonize marihuana in the first place was to protect his business.

Because he had paper mills and he was trying to protect it from hemp.

Because on the cover of popular science magazine they had come out with a decordicador.

A decordicador was a way, in the 1930s, they devised to effectively process hemp fiber.

Because for years, they used to use slaves to process hemp.

Then, when they figured out the cotton gin, cotton became easier to use.

And then slavery became outlawed.

And so people shied away from hemp.

Well they came up with this decordicador in the 1930s.

It was on the cover of popular science magazine, “Hemp the new billion-dollar crop”.

Well, William Randolph Hearst didn’t just own Hearst publications and newspapers, he also owned these huge forests that they were making paper with.

So he, along with Harry Anslinger and using his newspapers, demonized marijuana to stop the commodity of hemp.


No idea.

He funded all those fucking crazy marijuana movies, “Reefer Madness”.

All that shit.

That was all him.

They came up with these stories that these Mexicans and black men were taking this new drug called marijuana.

Marijuana wasn’t even a term for cannabis.

So they came up with this new name.

They called it this drug.

Everybody freaked out because they didn’t have the internet back then.

No one had access to real information other than Hearst Newspapers.

Hearst publications.

So he’s just fucking out lied.

And made up these crazy stories.

And funded these documentaries.

And then marijuana became illegal.

But forget about marijuana.

Imagine if it wasn’t psychoactive at all.

The idea that hemp should be illegal, until really recently in this country, is a fucking travesty.

It’s horrific.

It’s food.

It’s clothes.

It’s paper.

It doesn’t even make sense that it could be so many things.

It’s literally like one of the most positive plants the Earth’s ever known.

Dude, you should do a national documentary on that.

I basically had a well worded thing saying that,

anyone who thinks that marijuana should be illegal is basically saying,

you should be locked in a cage for experimenting with your consciousness.

And the freedom do whatever you want with your body that is, especially with marijuana, that’s not poisonous.

No one has died of it everwhere, ever.

In the history of the human race.

There has never been a single overdose for marijuana.

And this knucklehead is saying that it’s a gateway drug.


Pain is a gateway drug.

Trauma is a gateway drug.

Abuse is a gateway to drugs.

It’s not marijuana.

Marijuana is just a time-honored psychedelic substance that people have been enjoying for thousands and thousands of years.

Marijuana is not for everybody and I think it should be used carefully.

Because look, I’ve said a lot of dumb shit when I’ve been high.

I’ve thought a lot of dumb shit.

I’ve been paranoid.

It’s not for everybody.

I think it should be treated cautiously, but there’s a lot of benefits to it.

I really firmly believe that it’s made me a more sensitive person.

It’s made me more interested in community.

It’s made me more aware of how important it is that we’re all connected.

And that we all converse with each other in a calm way.

It’s made me feel better about happy communication with people.

It’s made me more affectionate.

It’s made me more compassionate.

More kind.

It makes me more aware.

You know, the feeling of paranoia.

One of the things that that paranoia is, is just an overall expanding of your awareness of your vulnerability.

Joe Rogan takes stock on hemp/cannabis benefits and dismantles gateway drug argument.