The Racing Mind: #10 — Risks and Benefits of Marijuana

The Racing Mind: #10 — Risks and Benefits of Marijuana
THE RACING MIND VIDEO SERIES – PART 10: Risks and Benefit of Marijuana

Estimated Release Schedule of Future Videos (3 week intervals):
PART 1 (1/31/20) 6:00pm CST
PART 2 (2/21/20) 6:00pm CST
PART 3 (3/13/20) 6:00pm CST, etc…

This groundbreaking mental health series, which is based on the first comprehensive neurophysiological hypothesis of psychiatric disorders and validated by more than 20 years of clinical success, unveils the hidden cause of mental illness and guides simpler, safer, and more effective treatments.

In this segment of the series, we discuss the risks and benefits of cannabis and its derivatives in relation to neuronal hyperexcitability and psychiatric disorders.

Portions of the video and others in the series were taken from the books “The Racing Mind” and “Am I Depressed Or Am I Bipolar?” Those interested in developing a deeper understanding of this topic can also refer to the scientific publication: “The Multi-Circuit Neuronal Hyperexcitability Hypothesis of Psychiatric Disorders.”

Please note that these materials and this video series are for educational purposes only and are not intended to guide treatment without formal evaluation.

New segments of the series will continue to be released until every major psychiatric disorder and functionally-related illness is presented.

This video series is sponsored by the Binder Foundation, a charitable organization that is dedicated to the enhancement of human life through research and education on disorders of the mind, body, and spirit. For more information, please visit our website, where you can learn more about our mission and other educational books we have been inspired to publish.

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The Racing Mind: #10 --  Risks and Benefits of Marijuana