WEED AND THE GYM | Will It Improve Your Workout?

WEED AND THE GYM | Will It Improve Your Workout?

Weed exists out of 2 compounds, THC AND CBD. To keep it short the compound THC makes you high. CBD has a lot of health benefits but I keep that for another video. THC has an affect on the body, specifically the endocannabinoid system. Your body also produces THC like substances also called endocannabinoids. When THC and encocannabinoids binds with cannabinoid receptors that is located in the brain, it gives you a crazy feeling that a lot of pot or joint smokers are really familiar with.

There is not to many research about weed usage because it is illegal in most countries. But we do have some research that is very interesting. First of the connection of marijuana and the good feeling after a long jog known as the “the runners high”.

It was long believed that the runners high came from the release of beta-endorphins . But studies say that that is not true because endorphins can not reach the brain. Instead it is most likely from endocannabinoids which can infact reach the brain. Since the THC in weed share the same effect as endocannabinoids, it can be possible to increase the physical feeling of a runners high, if you smoked some weed before the run. This does not increase your performance, but more the enjoyment of training.

About improving performance badly enough it seems that all studies are pointing at no benefit at all. In terms of power output studies have found that, when performing a cycling test at maximum intensity. Smoking marijuana caused subjects to exhaust faster. Another study showed a placebo beat out marijuana in an endurance test. They even found that smokers had an elevated heart rate and bloodpressure. This can cause problems for people who are at risk for coronary heart disease. Even though that marijuana can reduce stress and pain which can help you push some more reps out. This is very risky because early indicators of injury is discomfort and joint pain, smokers may be noticing the pain too late which can lead to a bad injury and we all know training around some injuries is just impossible. THC Is also a drug that can slow your reaction time and affect coordination which is not ideal for just overall life and training.

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WEED AND THE GYM |  Will It Improve Your Workout?